New Community on web3 Era - 13:55~14:55

The relationship between the individual and the organization has changed because the definition and purpose of work has diversified and the side jobs has been normal. In these times, the blockchain technologies such as DAO and NFT are creating new forms of community.

In this session, we will invite as guests players who are challenging new ways of community using DAO and NFT, and will have a discussion that explores the possibilities of community in the web3 era from various perspectives, including the characteristics of the community and the people involved.

In this session, you can ask questions to the speakers. Please click the button below to submit your questions.

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草野 絵美 Emi Kusano (Online)

Fictionera, Inc.

The Representative of Fictionera, Inc./Co-founder & Creative Director of Shinsei Shinsei Galverse

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the faculty of Environment and Information Studies in Keio University SFC. In 2021, the then 8-year-old eldest son's NFT art project "Zombie Zoo" caught the eye of art collectors around the world and was sold for up to 4 ETH (worth 1.6 million yen). In 2022, she launched Shinsei Galverse, an NFT project under her creative direction. In April of the same year, the release ranked No. 1 worldwide in 24-hour sales on the world's largest NFT marketplace, Opensea.


設楽 悠介 Yusuke Shidara

Gentosha Inc.

Editor in Chief of New Economy/ Director of Content Business Bureau

He launched "New Economy", a media specializing in blockchain/crypto assets, at Gentosha. He is in charge of editing and new business at the company's Content Business Department. He serves as a director of Gentosha Comics. He is also a board member of the Fukuoka Blockchain Alliance. He distributes podcasts such as "Minna no Mental Room (Amazon audible)," "Furoshiki Tataminin Radio (Voicy)," and "Podcast Soken (Podcast Research Institute). He is the author of the book "The Choice of Being a Furoshiki Tatamijin" (President-sha).


紫竹 佑騎 Yuki Shichiku

Ango-ya LLC

Representative Partner

Born in 1986 in Niigata, Japan. He joined CyberAgent as a new graduate and worked as an engineer on various projects such as games, frameworks, video media, etc. He became independent in 2017. Later, He founded and operated Mr. Exchange, a cryptcurrency exchange in Fukuoka, Japan, as CTO, and after leaving from the company, he founded Ango-Ya LLC, specializing in blockchain business.


渡辺 創太 Sota Watanabe (Online)

Astar Network


Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics. After internship activities in India, Russia, China, and the U.S., in 2018, he went to work for Chronicled, a blockchain startup in Silicon Valley. After returning to Japan, he founded Stake Technologies after working as a co-researcher at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Blockchain Innovation Endowed Chair, and launched Aster Blockchain in January 2022. He works hard to realize Web 3.0. He is a board member of Forbes30 Under30 Asia and the Japan Blockchain Association.