Opening Session - 12:10~12:40

In 2022, where they created the minister for startups, the style of startups has changed dramatically. Not only have a diverse people become involved in startups, but web3 has also created new forms of both product and organizational structure. However, new rules need to be designed to make the new product and organization permeate the world.

In this session, we invite the editor-in-chief of a startup media and an entrepreneur to review the trends in the startup industry in 2022 where the situation of startups has changed a lot and provide content that help participants imagine the future of startups in the future.



岩本 有平 Yuhei Iwamoto


Editor in Chief of DIAMOND SIGNAL

After working for a SIer, he became an editorial reporter for Asahi Interactive's CNET Japan. He joined AOL Online Japan (now Verizon Media Japan) in 2014. As an editorial reporter and deputy editor of "TechCrunch Japan," he covers startups. After working as a freelancer and other positions, in February 2019 he became deputy editor-in-chief of Diamond Online, Diamond Inc. In July of the same year, he became editor-in-chief of the first issue of DIAMOND SIGNAL.


古川 健介 Kensuke Furukawa

Alu Inc.


He joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2006, founded RocketStart Inc. in 2009, which operates the how-to website "nanapi". After it was bought by the KDDI Group in 2014, he founded Alu Inc. in 2018.